Students work experience day
William Harvey Clinical Research Centre

10th July 2019

Our planning for the one-day visit from 6th Form work experience students commenced in the usual manner by agreeing the timetabling, preparing and collating documents (including a new feedback form) for the student information packs, obtaining the names and preparing the labels and name badges. We didn’t forget the all important fuel for the troops to give energy for the afternoon sessions.

We hosted 31 students on this occasion and our programme consisted of four sessions: Clinic, Vascular, EPQ and Vascular. As part of the Clinic session Clovel David showed the pharmacological aspect of the work and Doctor Adrian Shiel kindly hosted students in his clinic.

I believe that the general consensus from staff, patients and students was that the visit went well which was echoed in the completed feedback forms.

I was able to speak to some of the students during the course of the sessions and positivity flowed from all those I spoke to. They included complimentary remarks from several about how they enjoyed their time with the usual suspects (I will not embarrass by naming them) but it was also good to see that two “newbies” to these activities featured well!

The following history-taking session more or less runs itself and credit must be given to all of the patients for making them so enjoyable and informative for the students. They deserve the praise heaped upon them by the students and they may also be interested to know that Ray, who organises their timetable for the whole Queen Mary campus for the week, told me that the history-taking sessions with the patients are always favourite.

Our terrific patient volunteers on this occasion were Barry, James, Joan, Lucas, Margot, Neil, Patrick, Ron, Simon, and Vernon

On this occasion, as a finale, Dr David Collier made use of the Derek Willoughby Lecture Theatre to give a work and the clinical module for the students.. Anne, Jane and other members of the centre staff helped round up the day and invited questions. This finished things up very nicely.

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