6th Form Student ‘Work experience’ Visit
William Harvey Clinical Research Centre

24th October 2018

I would like to start this note of the Student Work Experience Day by congratulating the hard-working group of people who helped make this a happy and beneficial day for the students and all the staff who patiently and calmly helped and worked around us doing what they do so well during their busy working day.

Amongst the people organising, running the groups and interacting with the students were:

•   Anne Zak, Nurse Manager who run the Blood Pressure Module as well as making sure everything was running smoothly in Clinic, organising lunch and also keeping her eye on the Clinic Module was operating as it should. 

•   Jane Pheby interspersed her work with covering for Anne and speaking to the students in Clinic and Blood Pressure groups. Knowing the other members of staff, I suspect that there were more willing hands too. Seeing them in action is a sight to behold and  a great example of teamwork. 

•   Dr Christopher Primus managed the Vascular Module with patient Patrick manfully exposing his chest in the name of science.

•   Dr David Collier managed the Clinic Module and in addition did a meet and greet with the great and good from Queen Mary University London and IQVIA (who took over Quintiles, one of the centre’s original sponsors). I think we need to clone two or three of him.

•   Professor Amrita Ahluwalia arranged /liaised/ with schools and teachers and organised the students visits. The vetting process to ensure that the students were suitable candidates for a visit were very effective as all the students seemed engaged and interested in proceedings.

•   Ade Alele liaised and provided names and list of students so I could prepare name stickers and additional signing in sheets. He also did our photoshoot for us.

•   I am sure that other members of staff will have helped in various unrecorded ways too because being helpful is in their nature. This is why patients love them. Forgive me if everyone involved are not named but despite that they are all appreciated and included and thanked as part of this day. And lastly

•   Ron (me!) managed the Histories Module and dealt with various matters arising in the course of the day including reception duties.

The stars of the day, after the students, were the patients who gave up their time and in some cases travelled a long way to get here. They all did a brilliant job and should be proud.

Our patients/volunteers were

Barry, David, Diane, James, Joan, Margot, Neil , Patricia, Patrick, Peter, Simon, Sunny, Vernon, and myself.

Students and patients were given our TrialsConnect key rings and David addressed the students after the completion of their day but regrettably I got caught up in a Reception problem and I left the room to sort it out. It was finished before I returned but I know that David would have taken note of any comments and these will be used in conjunction with the completed pre-screen forms to address the question of whether we should adapt or change anything to improve in the future.

My overall impression was that the visit overall was a success and the students went away having gained from the experience.

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