International Clinical Trials Day
Cardiac Research Stand, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital

23 May 2019

I attended with staff Sophie, Celine, Jane and three research nurses from the Cardiology Department.

We had a pleasurable time and a tremendous response. Speaking to the many people who passed through Barts, we succeeded in distributing all of our ‘Research Matters’ leaflets together with all of our PPAG forms, Let’s Talk Hearts posters, and Science Festival brochures. We ran out of most of the other brochures to!. New supplies will be needed for our next event…

We also succeeded in getting all our copies of a Research Questionnaire completed and many people signed up for further information and details of activities.  One person asked about joining our PPAG.

One thing did particularly strike me — how very effective it was having more helpers in attracting public interest in our display. At times, we were able to ‘double-team’ to reinforce our message and give a varied slant to things. 

It was very effective having a patient there to give that perspective on matters and quite a few people took an interest in this side of things. More people helping on our displays, both professional and patients would be something to strive for to put our message out to the public and increase our impact.

I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful team from the cardiac research department at St Bart’s who were friendly and welcoming and made the day not only effective but pleasurable too.

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