IQVIA Staff ‘Town Hall’

Kings Cross Office

Thursday 6th December 2018

Present were:

Baroness Fairchild

Dr David Collier and Jane Pheby of the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre

Patients Margot, Peter and Ron (me!)

Members of staff at IQVIA King’s Cross Office

The following is not a report as such but as it captures the event and nature and feel of the meeting, I think I cannot do better than to extract from David’s follow-up email:

“Huge thanks to all three of you for putting in such a beautiful team effort today at IQVIA London with Baroness Fairhead.

The minister triangulating with the people that Peter and she both knew at the Treasury (and Cabinet Office) was like a white blood cell checking the credentials of a potentially hostile body.

“The Minister seemed impressed that you had responded to an advert for a commercial study for an irreversible procedure (renal denervation) that you decided against, but happily did the MRC Aim-Hy study with old drugs and afterwards went on to beetroot with the NITRATE-TOD study. This spoke to both trust and some enthusiasm. ‘Was this unusual?’, she asked.

“Margot’s use of the “An-ge-la” had already given her away as a confidante of the German Chancellor! Margot got to explain that she’d done other studies including the ovarian cancer one at Barts, but she’d got more involved with us, during the FOURIER study because of care and “tea and toast”. We marvelled at her ‘Implications of Brexit’ for our Staff talk, and her ‘Legal Eagles’ role with Peter and others helping us to think about the streamlining of regulation to fit both patient needs and the principles of good governance. Peter expanded on the power of volunteers in the voluntary sector.

“Jane’s recruitment from running the cardiac ward at the Royal London, by Prof. Mark Caulfield to run part of his BRIGHT study (BRItish Genetics of HyperTension) — collecting the bloods and phenotypes to build the BRIGHT cohort on which his subsequent genomic success has been built — was nice to be able to explain in front of Baroness Fairhead. And that you’d carried on in research studies ever since. All in front of Sir John Chisholm too.

“Then we got a spontaneous chance to re-emphasise the impact of the 100,000 genomes project overseas — and the huge awareness that it’s actually happening.

“ And all that before the minister was guided to her next engagement…”

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