IQVIA staff ‘Town Hall’

Reading Offices

15th November 2018

PS Added 25th May 2020

A little while ago, I was sitting in Reception in WH doing what I usually do when a monitor from IQVIA visited. She  mentioned that she had seen me when we paid a visit to them and gave our talks. She thanked me for saying kind things about the work they all did. She said that they were really appreciated by her and her colleagues at IQVIA.

A while later another visitor from IQVIA came in and greeted me like a long lost friend. He thanked me for our talks and especially the kind words I said about all the good work they did in helping patients like myself and thousands of others. He said he was so pleased he took the company video home to show his family and said , “See, this is what I do…”  and it really impressed them. The first monitor had said she had done exactly the same thing with her family.

On a couple of other occasions more recently IQVIA popped through and said, “…Oooh I know you…” and we had a brief chat. It is very nice and gives a me a good warm feeling.

Our panel for this ‘Whose Trial Is It anyway?’ presentation was led and organised by Dr David Collier and patient Paul Bowers Isaacson. The other patients on the panel were Mary, Les Luke and myself

The day started early which is usual for these activities. Most of us had a 5.00am start with Luke staying overnight at a hotel. We all met up at Paddington Station for travel to IQVIA in Reading.

The best phrase to describe the IQVIA building is ‘truly impressive’. We were logged in and pleasantly surprised when some of the senior executives came out to greet and chat to us all, both before and after our talk when several joined us for lunch.

Paul & David gave their well prepared and superbly timed talk with our patient story contributions to an audience of over 500. We were well received and appreciated by everyone. I rather spoilt Paul’s careful timing of our presentation by not giving up the mic and taking an extra minute or two to speak further. I took the opportunity to thank all those present and asking them to accept the thanks of a patient — if it wasn’t for all the lovely people like them many thousands of patients just like me would not have the chance of being helped. Even though they may never see a patient, it was all their hard work doing things like the data entry that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people – patients like me were helped. All their hard work enabled their organisation to support Clinical Trials Centres like ours and we all benefit.

I hope and think that Paul may have forgiven me (He has! ED.) for taking our presentation 3 minutes over his carefully planned time  because the audience burst into a spontaneous applause — followed a few minutes later by further applause at Paul and David’s finale.

It was nice that staff came up afterwards and said how much they appreciated and enjoyed our talks.

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