Clinical Trial Patient Workshop
Novartis UK

20th November 2018

This patient consultation was arranged by Dr David Collier, Clinical Director at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre, and Paul Bowers Isaacson, an educationist and TrialsConnect patient, working with Eduardo Chicote of Novartis UK.

There were other Novartis staff from the UK and Europe _ all to hear from a number of us patients from William Harvey and some further patients from a research centre in Scotland.

The all-day meeting took place at the Florida State University London Centre on Great Russell Street. It commenced after a very pleasant

‘meet and greet’ with pastries and coffee that immediately putting everyone in a good mood.

We were all invited to introduce ourselves to our right-hand neighbour and tell each other of our favourite journey. We all then went on to introduce ourselves in turn and say a little about our names which broke the ice and relaxed everybody nicely.

The programme was then outlined by Eduardo and we split into two groups — each with both patients and representatives of Novartis — to discuss various questions and tell of our different experiences of clinical trials and gave our views on new technology etc.

The groups rejoined for lunch and socialised before resuming as a single group. Amongst other things we joined in an amusing game where we responded to various questions by standing in one of three different positions in the room to gauge the response. A good way of doing it I think, if you can judge these things by the grins, giggles and comments made during the process. The video shown aroused a spirited response from the patients.

Suffice it to say that I believe the meeting was very worthwhile and I hope we were able to feed back meaningful and useful information to Novartis that will enable them to plan ahead and keep the patient to the forefront of their considerations — and have us back again.

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